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My feet leading me to that place where earth and water collide and the moon comes out to watch over them; stilling the ocean so the earth can kiss it just so.

The 'Woman Condition'

"Being woman is double consciousness like Du Bois could never have imagined. For after woman, you are still many other things, but being woman remains the most inescapable of those."

A Note About a City

Dear Friend, 

You ask how I am and how Nairobi is. As if to inquire what it is doing at any given moment. Or perhaps what its dreams and aspirations are; and most importantly who is sleeping in its bed.

Nairobi's Bubble

The birds begin their routine at 6:30am. At 7:30 am, the thudding starts. It is consistent, steady, irregular, the sound of my arrhythmic beating heart.

Cape Town

When the water comes to find you, you must not be afraid. It will seek you and appear to engulf you as it carves continental shapes into your edges. But the water is the only thing that binds us all—connecting you to me and bridging the distance between two continents.


I didn't mean to fall in love with her that afternoon, but the way she danced in the light, romancing passersby with her charm, it was impossible to look away.