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Sit Quietly

Sit Quietly

If you stop and listen,
the world is begging to have you in its orchestra.

The most beautiful of symphonies
in the green caterpillar
whose legs grasp
the blue cloth
weaving itself against
blades of grass

Daffodils trembling in delight,
Altars to she-Queens,
bodies filled
with so much that they need not
to speak, only move.

There are trees in the wild
holding full ballerinas,
bowing gracefully—
pirouettes and delicate limbs
held to each other

swaying ever so lightly
with the exactitude that
only athletes and dancers know of.
That stillness of breaths held in

If you sit very quietly
you can catch them mid-dance

But even if you are loud,
they will still reveal themselves

to you

Making an offering
because at your feet the world
will lay itself bare

-Mother's Day 2016 FreeWrite

Falling in Love: An Immigrant Story

Falling in Love: An Immigrant Story