I say this with Love

The Things She Said

She told me I was beautiful
which wasn’t the problem
She told me she loved me
which wasn’t the problem either
Then she told me,
she would stay
and I knew
that I had always wanted
to love her from afar





because you are a muse

It's perfectly okay
to feel rejected
to be rejected
to want more
To want
At least,
you still hold desire
are alive with emotion

I have learned
to miss him,
much like I learned
not to miss her
Because, any emotion
is learned

We learned to fear
the cold of the room
as we exit mother's womb
Learning what pain feels
through scrapes
Longing through loss

like i am everything you are,
like you are me

Like the tenderness of a fall moon
Like the fragrance of jasmine in bloom
that is who we are
how I imagine the velvet
of your smile
soaking the softness
of my skin

sitting in glows of ebony,
melanated brilliance.
Black excellence
Black power
Black being
Black Joy
you and I